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. that is what happened in the united states and what is happening in europe and what is happening in asia. i think at one time we could have another bubble and as bubble is going to be bigger from the other. the united states, now the cost of financing their debt is about $50 billion a year. looking at $900 billion in 2020. obviously the problem of that accelerating and putting investors at risk. in dubai we have a big bubble and i think abu dhabi has to put the burden of correcting a miscalculation. >> professor, what do you think is abu dhabi's position. it is not entirely clear whether they will underwrite the whole thing or pick and choose which of the debts they are going to deal with. >> obviously -- they say they cannot -- they probablyavto put first of all a new regulation a new role and they have to tighten the belt. they cannot just bail out and then go into another problem. but so far, the central banker of dubai -- liquidity, but they said they have to pick and choose. they don't have to reschedule all of that but they have to schedule some of that. this is going to be a new equa
of denmark, the president of the united states, and some discussions with the chinese president, we have the capacity to lead an agreement at copenhagen. one which deals with the corps policy challenges for the future. namely, what temperature increase are we prepared to sustain in the future? what targets do we need from the major developed economies around the world? what commitment to action do we needrom the major emerging economies like china and india? how do we found this agreement? what kind of climate change process to put in place? if we can land and an outcome of those areas, we will have made a large step forward. and then translating that into legalese will take longer. >> talking about a long by the agreement is not possible? >> will we are talking about is what i would describe as an operational framework agreement. what president obama said the other day, one which would take immediate effect. there's a separation between what is said in a policy agreement, and the difficulty and complexity of translating that into a 4000 page binding legal document. you cannot get to the
b police after he shooting at fort hood, the argest milary installation in the united states. he is now conscious. he's been speaki to medical staff. let's get moredetailson this bbc's correondent richard watson isith me in thetudio. richard what ae you hearin >> it's a very instant pie that's going t appear in the "new york times" tomorrow our time. and sily what it suggestion is that intelligee agencies in e united states were mitoring communications of me kind between nidal mal ssan and a radicalleric who ud to be based near washington, d.c.ut who fled the countryn effectn about, well, after 9/11 attacks. now, if true this sheds some light on what's being said oer the past 12 hrs, wich is th some intelligenc agencies in th united states were aware of some attempts byidal malik hassan to contact qud leads. theleric in question is anwar al lachy. he was cented near washington, d.c. it's significanfor this reason he's already admitted in the 9/11ommission inquiry to knowing one o the 9/11 jackers. and th f.b.i. believes he knew anoth two hijacks. so that makes him a person of ext
privilege to be here on behalf of president obama and the united states of america. >> and the u.s. was represented by secretary of state hillary clinton who after her own speech introduced a video message. >> let me introduce a message from president barack obama. >> today there are still those who live within the walls of tyranny, human beings who are denied the very human rights that we celebrate today. and that is why this day is for them as much as it is for us. it is for those who believe even in the face of cynicism and doubt and oppression, that walls can truly come down. >> the german chancellor angela merkel gave personal memories from 20 years ago. as a german she crossed the border in 1989. >> for me it was one of the most joyful days of my life. and ladies and gentlemen, it was a pivotal time of change. that's something that we know today, that brought closer together germany, europe, and indeed the whole world. [cheers] >> then alona stretch where the walls had once stood, a line of dominoes symbolized how that barrier had crumbled. former solidarity leader lech wal
of the reasons that have been worried is the united states's focus on pakistan and the anti-terrorist strategy. they could say it was in the interest to focus on pakistan. >> shore. if you think of the region, as it was until recently, including islamabad, this is part of a spectrum. how much will to separate this, i'd think it is better to focus on the way it on how to bring india in and bring more cooperation begun to stabilize the whole region together. the net think the discussions and the two sides will have an understanding of how to proceed. >> just to look at money in business, with this relationship, a lot of it has to do with profit and economics. the nuclear deal to do a great deal to create jobs on both sides. >> absolutely. i think that once that is done reactors will be sold, but also, they will make the pitch for liberalizing the technology. i think once we open the door as well, there will be huge advances in trade, which has been growing quite fast and is quite balanced unlike in the case of india and china. the trade is more balanced. there is a big move to come into the unit
% by 2050. congress has not yet passed legislation which by make those cuts law in the united states. that is a battle still to be fought in washington. but the administration is clearly hoping that both domestic laws and an international treaty or attainable perhaps within the next year. >> just a note. visit our website for everything you need to know about climate change and the copenhagen summit. there are full details there on the science of global warming, also a summary of the main countries' positions. all that on our website. israel's prime minister has declared a 10-month restriction on new building in the jewish settlements on the best bank, but it doesn't include east jerusalem, and the palestinians have refused to attend taxi unless they stop building on all occupied territory. >> israel's plan is to restrict jewish settlement building on the west bank for a period of 10 months. it is aimed as bringing the palestinians back to the negotiating table. but many in the middle east see this as a cynical move. israel knows the palestinian position well. palestinian leaders hav
to understand the future of the united states and asia is inextricably linked, the matters that matter most to our people, nonproliferation, clean energy. these are all issues that have to be part of a joint agenda, and we had a productive discussion about these issues this evening. >> for both countries, ties are critical. japan relies on the u.s. for its security. the you best allies -- the u.s. relies on japan as an ally in an unpredictable area. around this time of year the japanese by could blunt terms. they have been doing these things for centuries. people said it is time for a new relationship with the united states. >> we are gaining maturity and we need more people standing, ying,ç yes, america is not the way. >> i think president obama himself knows we need to respect each other. >> this brief visit is unlikely to resolve the issues between the two countries, including the relocation of a base in okinawa, but president obama is showing that the u.s. still the the use its relationship. >> report from washington over the past few of hours say khalid sheikh mohammed and four other
, organization for economic cooperation and development. the main headline -- united states, china, and asia pulling the world out from the economic war tax. it comprises 30 cents of the rich countries. it doubled its growth forecast for the group to.9%. in for diggs unemployment in the united states will start to fall as soon as the ecomy picks up. countries in asia, particularly china, underpinning the growth. in europe not so good. job losses expected to continue. oecd warns developed countries it will not be an easy ride. many factors can blow recovery of course, not the least bringing down budget deficit. for emerging nations -- 10% for china, 7% for india, and brazil and ruia are expected to do well, too. >> thank you. see you soon. please stay with us. oming up -- with the future uncertain, guantanamo bay. see how the camp is changing. it is make your mind up time. europe's leaders gathered to find out who will be the union's first-ever president. >> the diaries of mussolini's lover has been published in italy. she wrote about her relationship with the italian dictator. it is called s
states at the end. but this would only be possible if the united nations were able to get to the end. >> been at camp david, five months later, tony blair insisted that the roots to military action should be through the united nations. >> the prime minister laid out the case for a couple hours. he also, at this point, said it might be necessary to have two interventions. >> time and again, mr. blair came back to the same point. >> the prime minister said going through the united nations was absolutely essential. >> so how was that -- how was it when support from the united nations can do nothing that mr blair took the country to war? >> he thought it w the right thing to do. he thought that there were no alternatives. he meant to deal with the disarmament issue. >> so mr blair went the military to investigate options for an invasion nine months before it happened. then, in the aftermath of saddam hussein's downfall, a group in at the white house expected to be like germany and japan at the end of world war ii. sir david left the inquiry having set up the case for tony blair's defense
in the world. they used to be the united states united states lost that in the financial crisis. last year, china sold 9.5 million vehicles. already this year, 11 million. if it is likely to reach 30 million by the end of the year. the auto show is currently going on in china. car sales are booming, not to sign the big centers, but right around the country. arafat's that stimulus measures will be pulled away -- there are some thoughts that a stimulus asures will be pulled away. >> coming up -- israeli soldiers refused to clear settlers from the west bank. two 0.5 million muslims descend on mecca despite swine flu fears. a sudanese woman who was sentenced to 40 lashes for wearing trousers is in paris to promote her book about the controversy. her sentence was commuted to 1 months in prison, but she was banned from leaving the country, a restriction that she is now openly defying. >> on tour to promote her new book caught. she left secretly to come to paris. the book is called "40 lashes for a pair of trousers." it will not be on sale in sudan. this is why. in july, she was arrested along wi
is promoting her political memoir. it is generating huge interest in the united states and our special correspondent is in washington for us. >> they could be another launchpad. it is already a best seller but are we witnessing a start of a dry run for 2012, a run for the white house? it could be an attempt to bring back sarah palin maniac. -- sarah palin mania. everybody wanted to know every single detail about. the power of the sarah palin phenomenon. >> i will be honored to accept your nomination for vice president of the united states. [applause] they say the difference between a hockey mother and a pit bull -- lipstick. >> how are you? >> so good, so good to hear you, and thank you for calling us. >> it is a pleasure. >> can't predict what the next fish run is going to look like so i cannot predict what is going to happen in the next couple of years. i will be in charge of the turkeys. >> is she really seen as a credible candidate for the white house? there is a new poll out. >> if you look at the latest poll, they found that 53% said they would not consider voting for sarah palin
bomb. it is thought the announcement is aimed into pressuring the united states into direct talks. fiji ordered the convoys of the zealand and australia to leave within 24 hours. the country's military leader has accused the two countries of interfering in their internal affairs. also at this hour, americans go to the polls and a number of states. they will choose members of congress in new york and california, governors in new jersey and virginia, and mares and several major cities. also votes on whether to allow gay marriage in maine and the casinos in ohio. by enlarging it is a pall on local issues and personalities but the results will have implications on how democrats and republicans behave in the year ahead. the hottest contest is in new jersey where the incumbent governor, democrat john corzine, is fighting to avoid defeat by republican chris christie. polls predict a race too close to call despite several campaign appearances by president obama. >> of your voice will get john corzine four more years as governor of new jersey -- and he and i will partner with you. >> mr. obama a
sides to avoid confrontation. north korea has called for direct talks with the united states on nuclear disarmament. it appears the country wants to return to negotiations. pyongyang has warned it will go its own way unless washington agrees. the former bosnian sesh leader radovan karadzic will appear at his trial. he said he needed more time, much more time, to prepare his defense. he denies all the charges. he says the tribunal must give him nine more months to prepare. one of his legal team said he would attend the tribunal on tuesday to discuss how to end the stalemate. >> nothing has changed since last week. he will appear tomorrow, though, because tomorrow is another day and it's a more procedural hearing than a trial itself. he wants to participate and try to find a solution for this problem. >> stay with us, if you can. bbc world news. still to come, the blood diamonds of zimbabwe. campaigners are calling for a ban on sales. >> first, though, it could tell us a lot about the impact climate change is having on our planet. the european space agency has sclfl launched a satellite f
's. >>> the day at the data states voiced its concern -- the day after the united states voiced its concern about israel bulldozing homes, washington had sharply rebuked israel for plans for 900 new homes in the largely arab region. according to president obama, it could lead to a very dangerous situation. it >> 30,000 people already live here. israel is building new homes and says it will continue to do so. they see it as part of their capital, jerusalem. this is east jerusalem, part of land that israel captured in a war more than 40 years ago under international law. they're not supposed to build on occupied land. as long as it does, say palestinians, they will not restart the stalled peace talks. the palestinian prime minister voiced frustration with the stalled peace process and the is -- and the israeli expansion of settlements. >> it is a question of settlement policy. there is no such thing. there is no such thing when it comes to settlement activity. it either its stops completely or does not stop. >> not israel's building plans have provoked anger and concern across the international com
about right now. >> the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on the united states and four other detainees are to go on trial in new york. algerian football players were injured, saying their bus was attacked as they arrived in cairo for a world cup qualifier. the alliance between the united states and japan is everything, words from president obama as he tries to sue the strained relations between the two countries. japan's new government makes it less dependent on the u.s. >> it is mr. obama's first trip to japan as president, and the message he is bringing with a vowel is that america is back and ready to [unintelligible] japanese prime minister was also elected, promising change, but what he wants is a more equal relationship with the u.s., something president obama was keen to reassure him of it. america has been behind japan's rise since the end of world war two, providing its defense in exchange for a strategic launch pad in the heart of asia. that relationship is being strained by a growing resentment over the continuing u.s. presence. u.s. power here is slipping. >> sinc
, born in the united states, a jordanian presence. they are wondering whether he was a crazed gunmen, or whether the u.s. army major had been radicalized by the war's his country is fighting overseas. at the mosque where his -- where he worshipped, a friend disagrees. >> he was a gentleman. very soft-spoken. he was immature. anyone who knew him, they liked him. he liked everybody. i never saw him getting into religious or political conflicts. he was not a loner. >> here, at home, the story ahead. >> we were taken on to the base today, and we talked to one of the soldiers on the same. >> gunshots everywhere. people were trying to move to get to ambulances. >> what are you doing? >> trying to help triage. >> the u.s. is all too familiar with mass shootings, but this one takes place at a particularly acute place and time. it raises a crucial question -- was this the work of a disturbed individual or something more sinister than that? the gunman is in hospital under armed guard. here, they want answers from him, and quickly. matthew price, bbc news, fort hood, texas. >> another shooting
feel that the united states is trying to contain china, is trying to prevent china to rise and that it does not see -- give china its proper due respect and i coming here this early he is giving china some of the respected deserves. >> i was saying that actually all of this is a precursor to the meeting tomorrow, the summit between the two leaders. how do you expect that? what are your thoughts about that? >> president obama said very clearly today in that speech in shanghai. george, let me tell you, on the evening news that has just been broadcast, they did not get to obama's visit until 20 minutes into the bulletin. it gives you an idea how china is treating the visit here. not with the same kind of pomp and ceremony as he might get elsewhere in the world. but at that meeting tomorrow they will discuss some of the biggest issues. they will discuss in the global economy and climate change. as president obama said, if china and america cannot agree on this -- these issues than the world cannot agree on these issues. >> thank you very much. by any standard it is an apology l
had been shot by hasan. he is a buzz -- he's a muslim born in united states, of born of jordanian presence. they are wondering whether he had been radicalized by the wars in this country is fighting overseas. >> we were taken on to the base today, just after they lifted the lockdown, and here we spoke to one of the first soldiers on the scene. >> you have people trying to move, trying to triage. >> what were you doing? >> just trying to help to secure, things like that. you had so many people moving. >> at the same time, medics and nurses were rushing to help. one colonel told us they saved many lives. >> you could write books about how they took care of these patients. the were lots of lives saved because of my nurses and techs exactly what you do and they did it well. >> police came and went, saying little about the investigation. the suspected gunman is in hospital under armed guard. the army wants answers, and quickly. matthew price, up bbc news, fort hood, texas. >> there has been another shooting in the u.s., this time in an office building in orlando, florida. the gunman ha
the united states to except its demands for direct talks on the regime's nuclear program. it has warned that peon gain will go its own way unless washington agrees. the foreign ministry did not elaborate. the statement was carried by state media, which appeared to be a threat to enlarge its nuclear arsenal. 16 people have been killed in a fire in the central philippines. eyewitnesses say the fire started in the early hours of the morning in a two-story boarding house, and then spread to a sandy area nearby. police and fire may have been caused by a candle. let's turn to business now. you have 25 minutes coming up. a loan provider, cit in america, has gone bust. >> is one of the largest bankruptcy in u.s. corporate history. yesterday they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. they have about 1 million customers. they long to small and medium- sized businesses. we will see a big impact on the financial markets off the back of this bankruptcy. the financial crisis has been unable to fund itself. one of the big losers will turn out to be the u.s. government. the u.s. government provid
into the iraq war has heard evidence fro e formermbassador to the united states. he said that tony bla's regime change hardened after a priva eeting withresident bush. he said e rubble of war short ciuit the work of inspectors looking for weapons of mass destructio the investation into whether iran ha the nucle weapons program is now at a dead-en. to iran is not cooperating. china is the latest countryo say it is considering sancons. paistan isconcerned about the expected surge of troops in afghanistan has forced talan said inrgents to cross the border. this is a scdal threatening t become a major embarrassing -- investment for the germa government. the head ofhe german armed forces d a senior defse ministry offial have been forced to rign. t military withld details of a deadl air strike. this is from the berlin rrespondent. >>this i the view fro an americanet overfghanistan on sepmber 4th. a german newspaper obined the video. down below, yocan see two fuel trucks with people araround them. they he been hijacked by the liban. then,n the orders of a german nato commander, the u.s. jet attacks. t
evidence from the former ambassador to the united states. said that tony blair's regime change hardened after a private meeting with president bush. he said the rubble of war so short circuit the work of inspectors looking for weapons of mass destruction. the investigation into whether iran has the nuclear weapons programs is now at a dead-end. to iran is not cooperating. china is the latest country to say it is considering sanctions. pakistan is concerned about the expected surge of troops in afghanistan has forced taliban said insurgents to cross the border. this is a scandal threatening to become a major embarrassing -- investment for the german government. the head of the german armed forces and a senior defense ministry official have been forced to resign. the military withheld details of a deadly air strike. this is from the berlin correspondent. >> this is the ew from an american jet over afghanistan on september 4th. a german newspaper obtained the video. down below, you can see two fuel trucks with people are around them. they have been hijacked by the taliban. then, on the ord
because he was disappointed that the united states was favoring israel over jewish stlements in the west bank. let's go live to ramallah now and join our middle east correspondent. jeremy, the israelis are obviously privately, if they aren't being so public about it, keep for mr. an toose stay. do you think there's a negotiation that could be had here? >> well, i think that what would take for him to stay, there needs to be a big shift in the political landscape. he's made very clear that he won't talk until israel has -- he won't talk to zarls until the israelis agree to a freeze on the construction of buildings for jews in the occupied palestinian territories, a breach of international law. now, he wants that. the israelis haven't granted that despite many requests from the americans. so question, will they do that to try to save the president's job? you know, i wonder. i doubt it, quite frankly. what can the americans offer? perhaps they could offer a conception of what a state would look like. and if that conception was quite like that of president abbas, then maybe he might stay in
/11 attacks on the united states and four other guantanamo detainees -- are to go on trial in new york. algerian football players are injured. they say their bus was attacked as they arrived in cairo forer a world cup qualifier. the alliance between the united states and japan is everything. the words president obama has been using as he trices to smooth strained relations between the two countries. he's been starting his first tour of asia in tokyo, where japan's new government has been calling for relationship that makes it less dependent on the u.s. the bbc's alicer is in tokyo. >> it's mr. obama's first trip to japan as president. and the message he's bringing with a vow is america is back and ready to cozy up again to asia as china's rising power looms large. japanese prime minister was also elected promising change, but the change he wants is a more equal relationship with the u.s. something president obama was keen to reassure him of. america's been behind japan's rise since the end of world war ii, providing it with defense in exchange for a strategic launch pad at the heart of
ambassador to washington has been giving detailed evidence about life in the united states priorto the iraq war and given to the iraq war inquiry, rather. he said prident bush had to be persuaded on the mertis of going to the united nations to win approval. >> the president sometimes is ruled by his heart and sometimes by his head. they came in conflict. in his heart he just wanted to get over and kick saddam ou he had a strong sense of politics and he realized he could not just do that. he submited to the recommendations of his natural security advisor with a chorus of europeans and australians of whom tony blair was the most significant, that he would give the u.n. route a throw. >> peter is in london and joins me now. peter, lots of talk from christopher. what caught your here particularly? >> it's been a fascinating body of evidence. it's the big picture of what happened between the time the bush administration came into office at the start of 2001 and the outbreak of hostilities in iraq in march 2003. i think what is interesting and central to all of this has been the point at which br
, commander in chief in charge of the united states military, americans look to to strike the right notes in tragedy. >> we need not look to the past greatness because it is before our very eyes. >> said it was a trying time, a time of war, but not one where the military victory would be marked by cigarettes are made. >> and what the threats that know no borders, their legacy will be marked in the safety of our cities and towns, and security and opportunity abroad. >> he said it was hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy. >> no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts. no just and loving god looks upon them with favor. for what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice in this world and the next. >> man accused, major hasan is out of it, but refusing to talk with reporters. here at fbi headquarters in washington, there are defending themselves agait the charge they should have raised the alarm before. he had been in touch with a radical imam, a u.s. citizen who now lives in yemen and advocates terrorism during the fbi say the e-mails is in
ambassador correctly should, which is to offer his best appraisal for the president of the united states before a decision. the president is entitled to those views. if his views on has characterized, i fully agree with what the ambassador has said. >> america's top commander wants to deploy another 40,000 troops to afghanistan, and nato's secretary-general this asking the u.s. to follow suit. >> the only way forward is to transfer responsibility to the afghans, themselves. people ask me, one of the mission in afghanistan and? the mission is clear, when the afghans are able to take responsibility for themselves. çtherefore, we need to train ad educate more afghan soldiers and police. >> president karzai knows his government is under close -- closer scrutiny than ever. the presence of german troops is unpopular with many back home. çtoon, a decision to be made by everyone. -- soon, the decision to be made by everyone. >> the brazilian government has said a severe storm was to blame for a power cut that left 16 million people without electricity. at first it was suggested a hydroelectr
--is in the united states in needs opposition support to get his climate change plan passe in portugal, campgners for gay-rights are confident tt same-sex marrge will be allowed with a matter of mont. in spai there has been it gave marriage for almost five yes, but so far in catholic portuguese socie that has been opposed. we have this. >> of portugal's o-fashioned ys and taditions may be shaken to the court, particularly in the north where catholics andonservative values ae trying to ld fast against encroaching modern rld. within a f months and after a longampaign, a gay marrie is eected to be legalized. r one couple living together for more than 12 years, one descbes himself as auman -- as a hun rights activist. his partner is afraid to show hisace for fear of it damaging his business. >> i want to be protected ke everybody. i gon the street a everybody lookedt me like everydy. so what i don't get the same rights and t same duts. theuties, i have, but i do not have the same ghts as everybody. >> the fielthe hostity from the estlishment. >>ometimes, ifeel hates. >> hate? >> hates. --e
of some events taking place in the united states. >> the cleveland browns have the best record in the league. the will face the baltimore ravens. the game came to life in the third quarter with t ravens breaking the deadlock. they took advantage of a defensive mistake. you can see what that means to the browns. 32 minutes for the first touchdown to arrive in 16 seconds later the second. he picked up a pass and returned it 49 yards. in the nhl the pittsburgh penguins have moveinto a tie when new jersey. there were home on monday. the anaheim ducks for beat 5-2. bill doubled the advances with the pittsburgh team. carl will go back to the ducks. 4-1 up in the final period. fire this shot from just inside the blue line. the atlantic division leader lost to philadelphia. david pulled the bill back for the visitors. philadelphia led a 2-1 at the end of the second period. a close range effort. he did score at one. six seconds left on the game clock. the final touch, and he scrambled. i and though nba on monday lewis returned to action after a 10- game suspension for using performance-
of they don't go far enough. >> accord in the united states since the former american astronauts took a year of probation for attacking a romantic rival two years ago. police and no back pleaded guilty to lesser charges after being accused of pepper spray and and accounted -- attend the kidnapping. this is "world news today" from bbc world news. i'm george alagiah beard of the main headlines. angela merkel has beco the first german chancellor to mark armistice day by attending the main french commemorative event in paris. a widespread power outage plunged as brazilian cities and two hours of darkness. after two months of deliberations, barack obama is down to just four strategic options on afghanistan they will be on the table today when the president needs his security team for another round of consultations. there is no official word on what the options are but they outline different troop levels dependent on different goals, time frames, and expectations. the low-and option would add from 20,000 up to 25,000 troops, middle option, about 30,000 troops, and another of braces and request fro
matter to the united states? her's our special correspoent in washington. >> india's leadersre still assessing their iortance to prsidentbama, and there is sense of nostalgia for the last president, george w.bush, who ended a decades-long ban on nuear trade. today there is scrutiny of the langue used and body language. india has been split -- praised as indispensable today welcing ceremonies were intended to speak to the time and money being lavisd on china and pakista >> i csider him a wise lear who was helped unleash india's exaordinary economic growth. he is a man of honesty and integrity. i respect him. i trt him. i happily acceptis gracious invitation to visit india next year. >> it w a meeting of minds on the futur direcon of our relations. was deeply invested -- deeply imprsed by president obama's strong commitment to the indi u.s. strategy partnersh. >> areements were announced on climate change, trade and iestment, intelligence sharing. muc of substance has been achieved. sos obamadoing enough to embce the world'sargest democra? >> iould say respectfully that the obama admin
in chi in charge of the united states miliry, americsook to to rike the right notes in tragedy. >> we need not look to the past greness bause it is fore our vereyes. >> id it was a ting ti, a time war, but notne where theilitary victorwould be maked bcigarettes are made. >> and what the threats tat know no borders, their legacy will be marked in the safy of our cities and towns, and seurity and oprtunity abroad. >> he said it was hard to comprend the twisted logic that led to is tragedy. >> no faith justifie these murderous and cren acts. no just and loving god looks upon them with favor. for what he ha done,e know th the killer wl be met wi justice i this world and t next. >> man acsed, majorhasan is out of it, but refusing to talk wi reporters. here at fbieadquarters in washington, there e defending themlves against th charge they should haveaised the alarm before. had been intouch with a racal imam, a u.s. citen who now lives in yemen and advocates terrorismuring the fbi say the e-mails is in the two men were benign, eher about the majo's psychiatric research or asking for religio
the message of the day. it went down well with the indian delegation. >> india and the united states must build the a shared destiny for all humankind. " the diplomacy before and the dinner was made of media stuff, with eight memorandums signed. there is no clear agreement on tackling climate change and it is unclear whether washing can do to resolve south asia's biggest the standoff. >> there are historic conflicts between india and pakistan. is not the place of the u.s. from the outside to try to resolve all those conflicts. >> the state dinner with the celebrity guest list and how it indian cuisine was center. washington is central to india's foreign policy and the u.s. is india's biggest trade partner. there are agreements to be smoothed out before mr. obama goes to india next year. >>> a court in pakistan has charged seven suspects with the tax last year in and buy. -- in mumbai. they're accused of helping to plan and execute those attacks which killed one uttered 66 people. they have pleaded not guilty to the charges. all wild fire has broken down in orange county, california police
's greatest ally, the united states. president obama has expressed great frustration with the long- sought middle east peace talks, and particularly israel's attitude towards settlement. perhaps, the u.s. president will be encouraged by israel's news today, even though palestinians say they definitely are not. the inquiry into britain's role in the iraq war 10 days before the conflict began. the u.k. government received new information on saddam hussein's weapons program, and that intelligence to the heart of the controversy surrounding the war. it is suggested that iraq did not have viable chemical or biological weapons. washington. in the weeks after 9/11. president george w. bush was planning america's response appeared firmly in his sights was an old folk -- some hussein. the bush white house convinced it's up at the iraqi dictator was somehow involved with al qaeda, but that was not the british view. giving evidence today, two more senior officials from the foreign office. did they believe some was working with al qaeda? our view was that there was no evidence to suggest collaboration
to the united states was unprecedented. more than 3000 around the world. >> italian prosecutors say they want to send a message with this case that no matter how great this red, you cannot throw out the basic rights under a democracy, even if it is in the fight against terrorism. president obama has said that the program of extraordinary rendition will continue, albeit with greater safeguards so tortured never happens again. >> a change of pace now with news of a rare tiger citing in china and a mythical japanese monster. >> what else could the but sports? [laughter] half of new york and all of japan's celebrating the 27th world series baseball title for the fabled new york yankees. the new york franchise was given this series by four games to two. by the end of the fifth, the home side had a 7-1 lead. this year is closed out by the 39-year-old pitcher. final score, 7-3. they will be taking part in the parade in new york this friday. news of godzia's attack on philadelphia -- that is matsui's nickname back home. he's the first japanese player to be named as most valuable player in the world s
together some scenes. >> i will be honored to accept your nomination for vice president of the united states. >> they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick. >> this is nicholas sarkozy speaking. how are you? >> it is so good, it is so good to hear your. thank you for calling us. >> it is a pleasure. >> cannot predict what the next fish run is going to look like. i certainly cannot predict what is going to happen in a couple of years. i will be in charge of the turkeys. >> at least a flavor of the pailin phenomenon. is she really seen as a credible candidate for the white house? >> if you look at the latest poll run by the washington post and abc news, they've found they asked -- of those they asked about 53% said they would not consider voting for her for the white house. however, if you look at those who call themselves republicans, she had an impressive rating, 76% said they viewed as a credible candidate. there is a huge amount of enthusiasm generated for her. she is clearly a stand out political personality and she has charisma. people want to see wher
on the united states and fr other guantanamo detaine -- are t go on trial in new yk. algerian football players ar injur. they say their bus was attacked as they arriv in cairo forer a world c qualifier. the alliance between the united stat and japan is evething. theords president obama has en using as he trices to smooth strned relations between the two countries he beenstartingis first tour of asia inokyo, where pan's new government has en calling for relatnship that makes it less dependen on the u.s. the bbc's alicers inokyo. >> it's mr. obama'sirst trip to japa as president. and the message h's bringing with vow i america isack and ready to cozyp again to asia as china's rising power looms large. japanese prime mister was also elected promising change,ut the change he wants is a more equal relionship wth the u.s. something president obama s keen to reassure him of. america's bn behind jan's rise sce the end of wrld war ii, providing it wth defense in exchange for a stratic lnch d at the heart of asia. t that relationip has be strained by growing resentmts over the continuing u. presence and
confrontatn. >>> north kor has called for direct talks with the unite states on nuclear disarmame. itppears the country wants to return to the negotiations it' boycotd for ateast a year -- has warned will go its own way unless washington agrees. >>> the bosniaan-serbian leader will appear a his trial on nocide and war crimes charges. he boycotted the start last week. he denies all charges ad says the tibunal must give him nine mo months to prepareis case. one ofis legal teams told us he will attend the tribunal on tuesday to dcuss how toend the stalema. >> the griances are the the same. nothing has changed since last ek. he will apar tomorrow, though, because tomorrows another day, and it's a more procedural hearing tha the trial itself. so he wants to participe and try toelp find a slution for his problem. >> still to come on bb world news, telood diamonds of zimbwe. campgners are calling for ban on sales. >>> first it cod tell us a lot about the iact climate change is hing on olanet. theuropean space agency has launched a satellite from russia hat will gauge the moveme of wer around the
that crucifixes should not be displayed in the classrooms of italian state schools. they say that it violates religious freedom. >> for 2000 years, the symbol of christianity. it has the power to unite and to divide. the presence of crosses in italian schools, european court of human rights says is wrong and it violates educational and religious freedom. the court says such symbols can be disturbing to non christians or atheists and went against the secular principles of state schools. decision has angered many in this most catholic countries. this young man says that "i tend to crucifix is a symbol like many others. -- i thank the crucifix is a symbol like any other." this woman says "i don't think that they are bad at all, we live in a christian and catholic country." catholic bishops reacted to the decision by saying that the cross is a cultural symbol and a religious one. conservative politicians here have called the move everything from shameful to absurd. the government says they will appeal against the court decision. if it loses, this could have implications for all the countries in t
preserving the facade of order -- to the chinese state tear it all he has a picture, too blurred to show the face of the kidnapper has a son dishes into the night. -- vanishes into the night. >> the united nations' nuclear watchdog has censured and for developing a uranium enrichment site in secret, and it is demanding that rent freeze the project immediately. the resolution does carry some weight. it has been backed by russia and by china. there were previously opposed to sanctions against iran over its nuclear program. this report from the bbc's pteron correspondent. -- tehran correspondent. >> a new sign of iran's growing international isolation. this is the first iaea resolution since 2006. crucially,, of china and russia voted in favor, in a move that implies they support new sanctions, but that issuance of the agenda in the year. >> there had been no movement on the remaining issues of concern, which need to be planned for the agency to pursue the exclusively peaceful nature of iran's nuclear program. >> the latest resolution was provoked by a resolution in september of a previousl
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